Men’s Wedding Bands: the Style Guide

You’re probably reading this because you’ve realized how much of a mess your husband-to-be is and how much he needs your help in getting a ring. You may also be reading this because you’re the husband-to-be and you’ve realized that you need a little help in finding a wedding band. Either way, we’re going to help you uncover a few things about him (or you) that will make this process much easier.

There’s so much to think about, right? Like should you get a wedding band made of rope because it’s rugged and different? Or, is it okay for guys to wear diamonds? And how about the thickness, color, the material and other attributes no one is telling you about?

...if you think that a rose gold couldn’t be pulled off by a guy, then you haven’t seen this men’s band...


Color is where finding the right ring all begins, people. When we think about style for a ring though, let’s start with personality. What’s his personality like? Does he like flashy things and like being the center of attention, or is he more subdued and behind the scenes not wanting the spotlight? What kind of clothing does he usually wear? Does he usually dress in neutral or “natural” tones and colors or is he proud to wear the bright colors? 

Let’s just put it this way, if you have never seen your fiancé wear bright colors in public, it’s probably because he doesn’t want the attention on him. Therefore, you can bet he probably wouldn’t be the type to wear diamonds either. We suggest a darker or more subdued tone for his ring if he’s more of a “low-key” kind of guy.

Even an all yellow gold can be too flamboyant for some guys today. Black, gun metal grey, slate, silver, and even white gold are great options that can spread through the price spectrum. And there are so many more options than just one, flat color. Think about the texture with the color on the ring. There are even incredible options with strips of one kind of metal overlaid on another that look stunning and just very…cool. Take a look at these samples to see what we’re talking about. And if you think that a rose gold couldn’t be pulled off by a guy, then you haven’t seen this men’s band with rose gold overlaid on a white gold for a very sleek and modern look.


Band Thickness

After color, band thickness should be considered next. If the band is too thin, it’s going to look and feel dainty to most guys. If the ring is going to get noticed sooner or later, he doesn’t want to be embarrassed. Still, a really thick band may be too much (consider the personality traits from above). 

A thicker band will also usually carry a heavier metal. Your guy will probably love wearing something solid that’s also going to always remind him of the covenant you made together.



Please also consider his lifestyle (and yours). Is he outdoors a lot? Does he work at a job that requires him to use his hands and get dirty? His ring will likely need to be durable to withstand a beating for may years to come.

The next step is to find the right one for him in his size and budget. One quick way to do this would be to visit our collection here. to find an authorized retailer so he can find out his ring size and try on some different looks.


Diamonds or not?

Diamonds aren’t for every guy, but they’re definitely on-trend for some with a certain taste. A good rule of thumb is: if he’s already wearing jewelry, then he may be a good candidate for a ring with diamonds. If not, and you don’t know where he stands on diamonds for his wedding band, then consider opting to not. This might be a good opportunity to just ask him.

If he’s currently wearing jewelry that has diamonds, like on a chain necklace or in earrings, then diamonds in the wedding band may be a great way to bring the whole look together. On the other hand, if he’s wearing leather jewelry with a more rustic look, then diamonds are probably going to feel like an awkward fit on his wedding band. 

Whatever men’s wedding band you two go with, it should feel like a natural extension of his personality. It should have him feeling confident while wearing it as a symbol of your love and dedication to one another. And when he’s looking for the right one, you’ll know it because he’ll say “that’s me.”

For more inspiration, take a look here.

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