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There’s a special satisfaction that you feel when you create a look that’s just for you. When it comes to ring stacking, it’s hard to imagine a more personal jewelry statement.

You may be a one- or two-ring type of person, or you may rarely wear rings at all. If you don’t wear much jewelry, the idea of wearing several rings at once may seem cluttered or overdone. But don’t rule out this style too quickly.

Ring stacking has many pros, but the biggest draw may be its flexibility. It’s absolutely customizable, and you can add, subtract, mix, and match your rings endlessly. It’s the perfect antidote to the fashion rut, and mastering the art of ring stacking will give you almost infinite options.

When it comes to making this look your own, you’ll have to throw any rules to the wind. Achieving the perfect ring stack is going to look different for everybody. The best advice is to find inspiration and make it your own.

Jump in to ring stacking below!


A Trend That’s Here To Stay

Ring stacking is a long-lived trend that can be traced back to the ‘90s, when small geometric and decorative rings were popular. These rings could be mixed and matched to achieve a funky, personalized look. Worn on multiple fingers or stacked with two or three on one finger, the multi-ring look has only grown in popularity since.


Texture and Variety

What sets ring stacking apart is the way you can achieve a unique look every time. You never have to combine the same look twice, if you don’t want to, and every day offers a blank canvas.

When stacking rings, look for rings that bring texture. Choose hammered metal bands, smooth-cut gemstones, pavé diamonds, and leafy patterns. Texture is all about contrast, so change it up. Pair thin bands with heavy bands, and style a solitaire with a small studded ring.

Variety is about creating visual interest. Just as you would contrast textures, try combining colors or shapes. Mixing rose gold and white gold is a trick that will set your precious metals off just right. Combining gold and silver, once taboo, is now a classic look that anyone can pull off. And if you wear a large statement ring, smaller rings are a great choice to balance the look.

When you choose your rings, choose with intention. The combination should look purposeful yet carefree. Ring stacking isn’t a chance to wear every ring you own at once. It is a chance to watch the pieces work together to make a statement.


Express Your Style

Whether you are down-to-earth, clean and simple, or always sparkling, there are endless ring styles to fit your personality. Be inspired or complete your stack with some handpicked Zeghani pieces.

If you prefer a bohemian style, consider a ring like this. Leafy scrolls and diamonds will elevate you while keeping you close to the earth. Another boho statement, this studded chevron pattern is simple enough to work with several other rings, yet perfectly able to stand alone. There’s a hint of vintage glamour in the curves of a ring like this. Paired with a simple solitaire on your right or left hand, the look is intentional yet undone.

You may be an avowed minimalist, and maybe you’ve held doubts about ring stacking from the beginning. But when you wear a ring like this thin diamond band, you can embrace a pared down style and still set trends. This ring offers the simple beauty of mixed metals, highlighting the combination of white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold. And in one of our favorite rings, brown diamonds set this ring apart. Understated yet stunning, the pavé details of the center keep the look fresh.

If you’re a lover of modern luxury, then you’ll love the rings that sparkle and shine. For an asymmetric statement, this ring will achieve the stacked look all at once.


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