How To Wear Accessories the Right Way


Fashion is the bridge between life and boredom. Accessories characterize fashion. They are physical elements blended into our outfits to portray a glint of purpose in our stance. They are character adornments that, when rightly slain, boost our trend humor and bodily confidence.


Accessories are categorized based on cultural heritage.  Four categories common to every culture are:

  1. FOOTWEAR: Your feet take you everywhere, so they deserve the best. Your footwear crowns your outfit with glamour. It changes the expression behind your mood.
  1. JEWELRY: These are the eyes of styling, from soft neckpieces to subtle beads to anklets. Bracelets are not taken for granted by fashion icons; furthermore, mixing bracelets from thin to chunky with several types of metals will create a beautiful and unique look. Have you seen the way Duchess Kate rocks her bracelets? It elongates the arms in a way that is outrightly sexy. Always remember that jewelry should be fun! As you mix and match to create your own style, remember to be wise and maintain balance!
  1. HANDBAGS: Be it totes or clutches, big or small -a handbag is necessary to tone your look. For starters, go for small cozy sizes - it will help you raise your confidence. Best part is NO MORE RULES ABOUT MATCHING WITH YOUR SHOE COLOR.
  1. COSTUMES: Hands down, costumes are the preliminary of fashion. We are talking about scarfs, belts, hats, umbrellas, even pets. The everyday normal is not typical in the fashion industry. Fashionistas have changed rules and upgraded custom limitations. Anything and everything works when it narrows down to fashion. This is made evident in the 2021 film 'Cruella.'


Our outfits and the way they are styled most often than not, tailor our emotions. Our accessories should be worn correctly because they are bold ways of expressing ourselves. Be on the lookout for:

  1. COLOR: Subtle colors go well for beginners—a dark hue scarf, burgundy boots, and some white flannel. Always mix your colors by applying the stepping up or stepping down technique. Two dark shades must have at least a piece of brightness. And two bright shades should be toned down with some less colorful jewelry or handbag.
  1. SIZE: Size matters; it determines the style. If you are petite and do not do well in straight heels, reinvent your classic wardrobe - try sneakers and boots for a while and walk your way up. If your legs are longer than your arms, your label should be those sexy legs. Cut them off the boots and replace them with some heels. Work with your size for your style.
  1. MATCHING WEARS: Dump the rule that handbags must match the colors of your shoes. Your handbags should always leave a statement. If you are wearing boots, go for a big bag. When wearing sandals, you can go for big or small depending on your style. If you are wearing just a jacket, go for the big bag. If it is a cloak, cape, or fur, go for a mini bag. If your gown is tightly fitted and knocked out with some stilettoes, go for a clutch and last but not least for an everyday grocery or campus look, go for your totes.
  1. NECKLINE – WRIST – FINGERS: You have a conspicuous collar line; never go for beads or scarfs. Do not try to tune them out; instead, go for thinner neck chains and chokers. Dainty necklaces are meant to be layered with long and short chains, such as delicate, short rivieras, coin necklaces or long stationary chains. Mix metals and textures. Never wear bracelets twice the size of your wrist for formal occasions unless it is one statement piece.  Also, stacking rings are a fantastic way to experiment with distinctive styles. You can do so by choosing a leading ring and then layering on from there. To create a perfect look, combine rings in the same palette or design. Another eye-catching effect for more risky fashionistas is the total opposite of a perfect look. Fashion yourself with opposite colors and shapes to provide contrast; such as mixing rounded shapes with geometrical and combining opposite colors. You are allowed to mix metals, but always choose the main and leave bare one finger (thumb or pinky). Diamond eternity bands work best if you are going for a stacked ring look. Play around, have fun, and find the style that works best for you!


You do not need to wear big name brands to look fabulous. You only need to own your look and style because you created them. Bright colors are toned with some tint and dark colors with some pink. Your everyday go-to accessories are:

  • a pair of studs or some small hoops
  • dainty thin neckpiece or a choker
  • a leather belt or some gloves (just remember gloves must match one color that is already in your outfit)
  • and heels, boots, flats, or slippers

Remember, accessories add color, class, and style to an outfit. They can be your trademark like Anna Wintour and her signature bob and dark sunglasses!  CREATE YOUR OWN STYLE AND TRADEMARK!

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