How to choose a Diamond Shape: Comparing Popular

Diamond rings come in various shapes, each with its own unique characteristics and appeal. Zeghani offers a large col...

Engagement Ring Trends Of 2023

Engagement rings traditionally represent the devotion and love shared by two people who have chosen to spend the rest...

Jewelry Gift Ideas For Your Special Person

Jewelry is a heartwarming gift for your special person as it symbolizes love, commitment, and friendship. Giving jewe...

Astrology Calendar: Zodiac Signs and Their Dates in 2023

Zodiac signs, for centuries, have been regarded as icons of good luck and temperament. It is believed that zodiac si...

The History Behind the Evil Eye Pendant

The origins of the evil eye and the Nazar pendant can be traced back thousands of years. This piece of jewelry is so...

Style Guide: Colorful Jewelry to Make Your Outfit Pop

Looking to add colorful jewelry to your outfits? Our experts at Zeghani provide some different ways to elevate your style with amazing, radiant jewelry pieces.


What ring size should you get? This is a common question many couples face while shopping around, yet it's easy to make the wrong decision.

How to Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

The most classic choice for an engagement ring, round diamonds provide exceptional sparkle.

What Does Your Zodiac Sign Mean?

Are you interested in astrology? This article will explore the meaning of each zodiac sign.

Why You Should Invest in Good Timeless Upscale Jewelry

There are various benefits to buying upscale jewelry. This article will discuss several reasons to go for the gold, pun intended. 


There are numerous aspects to consider when choosing the perfect engagement ring.

How to Buy an Engagement Ring: Six Tips For Men

Following these six steps will surely make your shopping experience for an engagement ring less stressful for you.
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