Top Reasons Why Women Wear Gold Jewelry

In recent years, gold jewelry has attained a staple status. All stylish women top their dressing and look with jewelry made from this warm metal.

In the past, gold was viewed as a “blingy”, and costume-like jewelry worn regularly. However, it is celebrated for its simplicity in the modern-day, and designers have shifted from baroque settings to pieces with smooth curves, abstract shapes, and clean lines. Despite the shift, you can still get playful with your style.

A slender chain can become unconventional when layered, and a traditional ring can also add drama when arranged together. In this regard, different brands design their jewelry by mixing, matching, and creating changeable looks that can get you the most out of your purchase.

Also, the recent rapid rise in the popularity of gold jewelry is due to the unique introduction of gold into various types of pieces. Zeghani Jewelry demonstrates this with multiple styles of 14K gold earrings for women available for consumers to choose for themselves.

As much as jewelry is personal, gold jewelry does not go out of style because of its wow factor and is difficult to outshine.

Here are the top reasons why gold jewelry holds a high-status appeal to women in the modern-day fashion landscape.

Strong and Durable 

Gold jewelry is highly valued because of its astonishing lasting power.  It is nonreactive with active elements and does not rust with time. As much as gold jewelry can undergo some wear, the damage is less noticeable. Its resistance demonstrates its strength to corrosion, and the jewelry coating can protect other metals from corroding. It is best if your jewelry is reliable and durable to become an inseparable part of your generation.

Classic and Luxurious

Gold has been a status symbol for ages.  Different trends have come and gone, but gold jewelry has been here throughout time because its universal appeal is greater in scope than time and culture. Also, it is very much prized and high-end, and the addition of gold to your collection allows you to feel luxurious. When you wear gold jewelry, you will be recognized as sophisticated and upscale.


Yellow gold jewelry is obsequiously complimentary on complexions with warm undertones and pairs better with earthy gems and stones. Suppose your skin is warm-toned; the gold-colored tint beneath its surface influences how other tonal values will look next to your skin.

why women wear gold jewelry

White gold looks great on cool undertones, suiting best for bluish and pink undertones. Rose gold looks gorgeous on warm and cool tones, serving those with olive and pink undertones the best. If you are prone to redness, it is better to avoid rose gold since it can enhance those tones.

Generally, when you wear colors that match your skin undertones, your skin looks complementary to your looks.  Nothing is better to a woman than a complexion that glows and radiates – specifically with the right jewelry.

Gives a Mixed Metal Trend

As much as gold is long-lasting and robust, it is also malleable and flexible. This means that gold provides a remarkable quality that is exceptional to the process involved in creating gold jewelry. Mixing white and yellow gold together creates a classic look; according to some fashionistas, it is the “perfect” pair. Combining both colors creates a beautiful harmonious mix. Suppose you are a warmer tone, then mixing yellow and rose gold will be one of your best combinations since they complement each other in a very beautiful and elegant way.

Stores Value

When you own gold jewelry, it serves as an investment to your savings and appearance.  Its rarity makes it possible for gold to hold significant value and serve as a medium of exchange. While different valuable substances fluctuate with market trends, gold tends to have significant value compared to other metals.  There is a global market and very high demand today for gold jewelry.

Different Budget-Friendly Options

Although everyone cannot afford a collection of gold jewelry, everyone deserves to get a taste of luxury from time to time. You do not have to pay high prices to wear gold jewelry. Jewelry pieces, such as gold bangles for women and stackable rings, can combine gold with other valuable metals and minerals to create an affordable option for all.

Our Zeghani 14k jewelry collection offers affordable luxury without compromising quality, craftsmanship, and design. We can create the right piece to enhance your femininity and make you feel confident and beautiful every day.

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