Style Guide: Colorful Jewelry to Make Your Outfit Pop

Simply said, colorful jewelry is one of those jewelry trends that seemingly never goes out of style. Whether it’s accentuating a simple-and-sleek black dress or giving an extra dash of pop to an already colorful ensemble, colorful jewelry is extremely versatile and can be used to take an array of outfits to the next level. As a jewelry box staple, it’s hard to argue against having at least a couple pieces of colorful jewelry at your disposal. Below, our team at Zeghani has put together a style guide on how to use colorful jewelry to make your outfit pop. We’ll cover wearing colorful jewelry with casual outfits, as with more formal dresses and gowns. Finally, we’ll highlight some of our top favorites from Zeghani’s latest collection. 

Colorful Jewelry & Casual Outfits

For one reason or another, the phrase “casual outfit” is typically associated with some boyfriend jeans or chino pants paired with stylish flats or sneakers, a simple top, and a jacket or overshirt. It’s the timeless outfit you wear when you’re running weekend errands, grabbing a quick cup of coffee, or visiting a friend at their place to catch up. However, just because your outfit is casual, does not mean that it cannot be elevated. Spruce up your look by complementing your outfit with a pair of colorful gemstone earrings or a multicolored pendant. 

Colorful Jewelry & Formal Outfits

If you’re headed out for a special event or occasion and want to make sure you’re looking your best, a stunning piece of vibrant and colorful jewelry is an excellent choice. Many women love the little black dress—it’s an essential in every closet that you can never go wrong with. Accenting a black dress with colorful jewelry creates a beautiful contrast that adds depth and elegance. Similarly, you can also wear colorful jewelry with a colorful dress. Combining unique colors through jewelry and attire creates a pairing that is splendid. One tip we suggest to help you out when doing this is to simply pair like colors. Beyond dresses, colorful jewelry also works phenomenally with pantsuits–creating a bold, powerful aesthetic that will give you a distinguished look.  

Staff Favorites: Colorful Fine Jewelry Pieces We’re Loving

To complete this style guide, our jewelry experts at Zeghani have put together a list of favorite colorful jewelry pieces from our latest collection. The list includes an assortment of vibrant earrings, bracelets, pendants, and necklaces in a variety of colors and at various price points. Each piece features unparalleled craftsmanship, impeccable design, and top-quality stones.

  • The Happy Color Ring (Style ZR2384)

Dazzling colorful gemstones adorn this spectacular ring.

A colorful variety of pear-shaped gemstones decorate this decadent 14KY ring that can add a bold dash of style to any outfit. The gemstones are laid out to represent the color spectrum, creating a stunning visual effect that is absolutely enticing. Semi-precious gemstones featured on the ring include topaz, peridot, amethyst, citrine, and garnet. Shop The Happy Color Ring here. 

  • The Happy Bangle (Style ZB244) 

One of our favorites from this collection is this magnificent colorful bangle.

While the numerous colors that the ring above features are exquisite, we understand that it may be a little too colorful for some. Perhaps, you may be looking for something that is colorful, and at the same time, understated. If that’s the case, look no further than this gorgeous bangle-style bracelet, featuring a unique cushion-shaped, London blue topaz gemstone as the centerpiece along with a sleek 14k gold bracelet. Perfect for when you're pairing multiple pieces of jewelry for a formal occasion, or simply wearing it by itself for a more subtle look. Shop The Happy Bangle here. 

  • The Happy Color Pendant (Style ZP441)

A decadent amethyst gemstone adorned with an accent diamond—what's not to love about this pendant?

We finish off our list with a remarkable pendant that has everything you can ask for, and then some. The centerpiece is a sensational 8.76-carat amethyst gemstone that features a striking purple hue and is set in luxurious 14K yellow gold. To add an extra dash of sparkle and shine, an accent diamond adorns the top of the pendant, above the larger center stone. Get ready for your new favorite pendant—the best part is you’ll be able to wear it with nearly all of your casual and formal outfits for some added style. Shop The Happy Color Pendant here. 

At Zeghani, we’re in a constant pursuit to take fine jewelry design, including colorful jewelry, to new limits. Furthermore, we’re always looking for ways to help our clients maximize their jewelry and integrate their fine jewelry pieces with all of their outfits. As evident, colorful jewelry is ultra-versatile and is a fantastic way to give a wide range of both formal and casual outfits some serious pop. Now comes the hardest part—narrowing down your choices and choosing a jewelry piece that you’ll cherish forever. If you need help or have questions, contact our Zeghani team today and we’ll be happy to help you.

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