What ring size should you get? This is a common question many couples face while shopping around, yet it's easy to make the wrong decision. Your partner may have beautiful, slender fingers, but if you choose a ring that doesn't fit her hand well, she may not be able to wear it comfortably.

How then can you know if your ring will fit, especially if you shop online? Most of us focus on shape, material, and price, forgetting a very important factor – hand size. Here are three things to consider about hand size when picking the perfect three stone ring. 


Size of the Fingers

Different people have different-sized fingers. A ring that perfectly fits one person might be too big for another. If you plan on gifting your engagement ring to someone else, it's important that you know their finger size. Below are varied sizes of fingers and rings that could suit them well. 


If you have small fingers, rings with large bands can be overwhelming, particularly if they sit high on your finger. Instead, opt for smaller bands or rings that will make your hands appear beautiful. 

For petite fingers, wearing a solitaire ring requires you to pay attention to the settling style and prong head size. Smaller stones like round or princess-shaped diamonds also sit well on smaller fingers. Your fiancée with tiny fingers could probably look attractive in any of these styles: ZR2368, a very delicate underhalo will wrap the center stone; or ZR 908 with a flower halo that will enhance your center stone. 

Slim Fingers 

Today, rings are available in various thin and thick styles, from matte to bright polish, as well as several widths and dimensions.  If you are looking for a ring for slim fingers, contemplate these details too.

Hand Size When Picking a Ring

Slim fingers can be too overwhelmed by too much metal or stone. In general, look for thin bands with simple cuts of gemstones or beads set close together. Marquise or pear-shaped diamonds will give your ring enough glamor to make it attractive. A great suggestion could be ZR1870-R, a beautiful pear-shaped center with a double row halo.

Short Fingers

Selecting the right ring for short fingers is all about finding proportion and a precise diamond shape. Oval, emerald, or pear diamonds can be elegant on your fiancée's fingers but will make them also look elongated. Additionally, go for rings with stones that sit low on the finger, as they feel comfortable for people with short fingers.  

Thick Fingers

Wider fingers require larger stones. Picking a ring with smaller diamonds is likely to expose more skin, making your fingers appear wider. However, larger diamond cuts might be expensive, particularly if you are on a tight budget. So go for styles like our three stone rings, ZR121 or ZR2303, and our Halo Crown, ZR1416 or ZR494, as they can help accentuate your ring while reducing attention to your finger. 


Size of the Hands

One thing you should think about when purchasing an engagement ring is how large your partner's hands are.  

Big Hands

Bigger hands are likely to have large index fingers. So, smaller rings might not look good on them. It would be best to find a larger stone for a more attention-grabbing effect. Also, wider bands can be a great option. 

Small Hands

Rings with thinner bands and stone cuttings sit on tiny hands snuggly. Besides, they are affordable given that they only require little diamonds to design them. You'll also get them in a variety of styles and shapes. However, the ideal ones could be round-shaped with a simple solitaire setting. 


Size of the Knuckles

Knuckle size is as significant as the size of your fingers when selecting a model ring. Before buying a ring for your partner, take their hand in yours and make sure there is at least one finger-width between their skin and each side of the ring. 

Go for something like a wide three-stone ring setting to give your partner a more comfortable feeling when wearing it. Avoid rings with thin bands as they will be too tight on your loved one's finger, hence being difficult to adjust. 


Pick the Right Ring Size for Your Finger

Choosing a ring size can be tricky. You have to consider your knuckle size, finger length, and even other rings you might wear. If you are struggling to find the perfect ring, our experts at Zeghani can take you through all our options for engagement or anniversary rings for her

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