The Mysterious Beauty of Colored Gems: How to Wear Colored Gems

You’ve heard of rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, or the “Big Three” in the jewelry world. Rare, durable, and highly sought after, these gems are indisputably precious stones. They are beautiful, and they deserve their place in the jewelry world. However, the world of colored gems spans far beyond the classic red, blue, and green.

Gems are incredibly diverse, and they come in a vast array of colors and textures. From sparkly, crystal-clear gems, to opaque turquoise or tiger’s eye, there’s a colored stone perfect for every occasion.

For pink gemstones, try pink sapphire, rose quartz, pink coral, or stunning morganite. For reds beyond ruby, try consider one of the variations of garnet, spinel, or strawberry quartz. Blue gems include topaz, zircon, aquamarine, lapis lazuli, and turquoise, among others. Green gems feature peridot, green agate, amazonite, or green fluorite. Citrine is the classic yellow gem, but yellow sapphire, beryl, and yellow tourmaline are all lovely choices. Amethyst and purple fluorite offer beautiful violet hues, and spinel, tourmaline, and sapphire also come in purple. Orange gemstones include spessartite, garnet, fire opal, and heat-treated orange sapphire. Imperial topaz, tiger’s eye, and smoky quartz are brown-tinted gemstones. Moonstone and opal, two iridescent stones, shine multicolored in the light.

Needless to say, there is no shortage of options for colored gems.

The Meaning of Colored Gems

Did you know that gemstones have a language of their own? Over time, many jewels have taken on symbolic significance. Each stone shares a unique message.

Sapphires represent fidelity; they were the most popular gems for engagement rings before diamond rings rose in prominence. Emeralds are said to cure disease and protect from evil. In Europe, rubies were thought to guarantee health, wisdom, successful romance, and in India and Burma, they were said to bring safety and peace. Peridot was said to bring good luck and confidence, and it was worn to protect against nightmares. Aquamarine represents clarity, courage, and good health. Pearls are seen to represent innocence, symbolic of chastity and purity. Garnet is associated with royalty, and it represents nobility. Citrine is supposed to offer zest and energy to the wearer. Opals, with their shimmery luminance, have been seen as mystical symbols of love, hope, and truth.

How to Style Colored Gems

Colorless gems, like diamonds and pearls, are fairly easy to fit into your wardrobe, without adding the element of new colors to coordinate. On the other hand, colored gems can offer a challenge, but the payoff is stunning.

If your jewelry is the centerpiece of your outfit, a more neutral palette of clothing will help it pop. Blacks, whites, navy, and nudes are all good options.

However, you’re not limited to plain clothing while wearing colored gems. If your outfit is colorful, decide what the dominant color is. One option is to pick a gem of a contrasting color, to enhance your outfit without contradicting it. Blue sapphire or amethyst could pair with a yellow dress, and ruby earrings could enhance an olive green jumpsuit. Another way to pair colors is to pick neighboring colors on the color wheel, like pairing lapis lazuli with an already blue-toned outfit.

Another feature to note, when choosing jewelry, is your hair color. Some gems tend to suit darker hair, while others stand out best on blondes or other light-colored hair. This article recommends intense greens and reds for dark hair, lighter pastel shades for blondes, and purples for silver haired women. For redheads, the site emphasizes the spectacular beauty of emeralds.

In the end, you can lean on your instincts when pairing clothes and colored jewelry. However, should you choose to wear it, whether you follow these guidelines or venture into your own individual territory, be bold and embrace the spectrum with colored gems. With a meaningful history and celebrated beauty, these gems may quickly become some of your favorite accessories.

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