More birthstone stories (Part 2)

Maybe you’ve never looked into birthstones, or maybe you have multiple jewelry pieces set with your particular stone. There’s always more to learn about these captivating and storied gems. Our last post explored the first six gems; this post will complete the set.



The ruby is the gem of July, when summer is in full swing and the days are long. Ruby is the name of the red variety of corundum crystals and the second hardest gemstone. It’s the rarest gemstone, captivating the viewer with its deep red hue. Rubies symbolize passion and nobility, and they are said to bring love and success.



Bright green with flashes of yellow, the peridot is the stone of August. Peridots are one of the only gems which occur in only one color: the olive-tinted green it’s known for. Experts are unsure of the origin of its name, but it may come from the Arabic word for gem, faridat. The majority of peridots come from a mine in Arizona. Peridots are associated with prosperity and wealth.



Sapphires, the birthstone of September, are also a variation of corundum crystals. Sapphires come in the all colors but red, which are categorized as rubies. Elements and minerals within the gem’s structure are responsible for its color. Prized blue sapphires gain their color from the iron and titanium elements within. Sapphire has long been associated with loyalty, sincerity, and integrity.



Tourmaline’s name originates from a phrase which means “stone of mixed colors”, which proves an accurate name. Tourmaline comes in most colors, including black, but the month of October claims the pink variety. In ancient times, tourmaline was used as a talisman against evil forces. Today, some believe the stone has the ability to repel toxins, radiation, and negativity.



Those born in November get to wear topaz to celebrate this autumn month. Before gemstones were analyzed on a mineral level, topaz was the term used for all yellow gems! True topaz comes in a variety of colors, but the yellow version is set apart as November’s birthstone.  The Greeks believed that topaz would offer strength in troubled times, and it has been said to drive away sadness and strengthen the intellect. And its name? "Topaz" may have its origins in tapas, the sanskrit word for fire.



December’s birthstone is blue topaz, a captivating azure. Icy blue, like the winter that December brings, blue topaz has been said to protect against night. It can symbolize harmony and peace. 

Sparkling in every color of the rainbow, birthstones offer something for everybody. Browse our colored styles, and find your local Zeghani dealer today.