Luxury Everywhere: Jewelry for Yourself

You know the scene. You have the day off, but you’re spending it around the house, cleaning cupboards and doing laundry. Later on, you might run to the grocery store and the post office, just to knock a few things off your eternal to-do list. The last thing on your mind is elegance.

On another day, you’re headed to the beach to soak in the sun. You’re going with friends, and it will be a great time. As you pick out your outfit, though, you choose something not too dressy. It’ll be windy, most likely, and you don’t want to overdo it.

Maybe it’s a day spent at the library, pouring over your studies, or a morning where you wake up late and rush out the door. It could be a casual midday stroll to your favorite coffee shop, or you might be sitting in the terminal for a late-night flight. You might spend the day behind a computer screen in your office, or you might be watching your kids scramble across a playground. You could be anywhere.

Choosing what to wear is a task on its own. With so many options, you want to choose something that fits the occasion. It makes sense to wear diamonds on a date night, but when you’re lounging around your house? Not likely. It might seem excessive to wear a gold pendant on a hike or a dressy watch to a soccer game. What’s the point?

Yet, consider this: studies have shown the profound effect clothing has over your attitudes and actions. The right set of clothes can make you feel powerful and confident. Wearing a workout outfit can make you feel like exercising. An ensemble you like can improve your mood, and wearing bright colors has been shown to make people more cheerful.

Think about how you feel wearing your favorite piece of jewelry. Does it have a significant memory attached to it? Does it remind you of someone? Wearing something high quality can be a great way to feel valued and beautiful, and there’s no reason to save that for rare occasions.

It’s true that your clothing and accessories send a message to the people around you. They communicate your taste, attitude, and bits of your personality to everyone you see. But even more than that, what you wear sends a message to yourself.

Wearing something boring or bland can lower your expectations and motivation for the day. Adding a statement piece, even just a pair of earrings, can add some sparkle to an otherwise forgettable day. Especially when your schedule doesn’t seem to warrant the effort or elegance, be bold with what you wear. Dress for yourself and how you want to feel, and elevate the day.

Don’t let your jewelry gather dust while you wait for a picture-perfect occasion. You are beautiful and valuable, and your jewelry will reflect that. Celebrate every day, and fill it with luxury.