Jewelry in the Office: The Best Accessories for Professionals

If you work in a professional environment, your life is filled with meetings, appointments, and schedules. You’ve always got a lot on going on. It can be a challenge on its own to pick out your outfits each morning, and choosing the right jewelry to wear should be the least of your worries. Follow along to see some tips and examples of office-wear that’s the opposite of boring.

Prioritize Accessories

You already know how your accessories can completely change your outfit. The right accent can perfectly polish your look, and one wrong accessory can wreck it all. Choosing the right pieces of jewelry will enhance your look, and you will immediately take an outfit from bland to stylish. Good accessories will project the right statement: that you are classy, professional, and ready to take on the world.

Keep it Classy

Depending on where you work, there may be a variety of guidelines about what you should wear. But even if you’re following your office dress code to a T, you may be making some accidental faux pas that will annoy your coworkers.

Avoid being too flashy. In many situations, this will cheapen your look, and professionally, it can project a negative image. Instead of overdoing it, by piling on necklaces or by choosing loud earrings, add style in subtle ways. Avoid costume jewelry, bangles, or anything that will draw attention away from the job you’re there to do. This will be extra important on days where you may have a formal presentation or a meeting. With the right jewelry, they’ll be focusing on what you have to say, not your dangle earrings that keep swaying when you talk.

“Good accessories will project the right statement: that you are classy, professional, and ready to take on the world.”

Everyday Staples

Some pieces of jewelry you’ll wear every day, almost without thinking about it. You may have a small keepsake necklace, with a delicate chain and pendant, that you clasp on right before you walk out the door. If you’re engaged or married, your wedding ring will be a constant accessory, and your wristwatch will be just as essential. Knowing what you regularly wear can help you choose where else to customize.

Know Your Environment

For a more traditional environment, focus on the classics! You will want to avoid anything that would be too distracting. Classic, tried-and-true pieces would include diamond studs, a minimalistic pendant, or gold hoops. Accessorize on a smaller scale, and avoid flashy statement earrings or thick beaded necklaces.

In a more creative environment, you may have some freedom to push the limits. On-trend earrings or an asymmetrical necklace can be an accepted way to express yourself and add some sparkle. If you choose a statement piece, you’ll want to minimize the rest of your jewelry to keep your outfit in good taste. Remember your environment, and save any risky fashion statements for after hours.

Go Get ‘Em!

A traditional guideline for choosing workplace jewelry is to check your categories, and stick to one of each: wear either a watch or a bracelet, one necklace, one pair of earrings, and a ring. This is a conservative rule, so try it if you want, or ignore it! The best thing you can do is know your environment, keep it classy, and at the end of the day, wear something that will tell the world who you are.

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