Find Your Beauty

Every day, ideas of beauty fill our senses. They catch our eye and inspire us. Moments of beauty elevate the everyday.

There’s the magazine model, the glossy cover girl with an alluring stare. There’s an Instagram influencer posed in a European café. There’s mall window displays, billboards, targeted ads on the side of your screen.

And there’s the couple laughing on the sidewalk. A mother holding her toddler’s hand. Birds against the sunrise sky. The first rose to unfold in the spring.

None of these are quite alike, yet all of them are beautiful.


Beauty in Many Forms

To find your individual beauty, ask yourself a few questions. What are you drawn to? What is your personal style? How do you arrange your living space? What are the colors, textures, and personas you find the most enchanting?


Nature Lover 

Maybe you’re drawn to natural beauty. You prefer the simplicity of fresh cut flowers and natural fabrics. The sunrise and fresh air are what you treasure in a day. You watch the wind move through the orange trees and get excited at fresh blossoms. Vacation means sand between your toes and long nights spent gazing at the stars. In jewelry, you love delicate craftsmanship. Leaves, scrolls, and flowers are perfect for you.


Classic Beauty

Or maybe you have an eye for minimalism. You’ll always choose clean lines and a neutral color palette. As they say, fashion may change, but style is forever. You’ll sip black coffee as you make the week’s plans. Forever simple and elegant, you choose looks that offer timeless class. Diamond solitaires, gold earrings, and subtle pendants will always have space in your collection.


Delicate Diva

Some would say you have a taste for the finer things in life. You don’t see luxury as extravagant or over-the-top. It’s simply an appreciation of the best that life has to offer. You travel to experience culture, and your top destinations are usually in the heart of Europe. You have postcards from Berlin, Amsterdam, and Rome, and art galleries are your second home. You’ve always loved the quality of fine jewelry, and you’ll always have space in your collection for diamonds. Every day is a day for luxury, and you live that out to full advantage.


Blindingly Beautiful

All that glitters sounds about right to you. You’re stunning, eye-catching, and impossible to ignore. Your favorite color is the sparkle of champagne in a glass. You love the ocean for the way the sun glints on the water, and your trips always include glamorous nights on the town. Gold, silver, and white gold are beautiful, and you don’t discriminate. And of course, you’ll never say no to diamonds.


Vintage Vixen

The weekends wouldn’t be complete without antique store shopping. You’re an icon of old-school glamour, and you’re pretty sure that fashion peaked in the 1950s and ‘60s. Red lipstick and old Hollywood posters have an undeniable charm, but you’ll just as easily dress up as a flapper and dance the night away, Gatsby style. You love vintage jewelry: emerald-cut stones, art-deco, and intricate metal work will always be your style. 


Refined Rebel

Perhaps you’ve always been a trend-setter. Never one to sit and wait for style to change, you push forward and always test the limits. Nothing is holding you back. The off-beat holds your interest, and you’re known to be bold and fresh. You love asymmetrical styles, interesting textures, and creating new combinations.

For help finding the best style for you, our quiz will help you choose. And to see more pieces in your style, browse our full collections today!

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