Find the Perfect Length for You: a Guide to Necklaces in 2020

Are you hoping to add a necklace to your collection, but you don’t know what to look for? Want to be sure you pick the right piece for the occasion? Looking to find the most flattering length and look? 

Don’t invest in a beautiful piece only to find out it’s the wrong style for you. Read on for all you need to know when choosing your next necklace.


So much of a necklace’s look is about its length. A choker has a completely different effect than a long string of pearls, which can’t compare to a mid-length gold pendant.

The necklace you choose to wear will make a statement about your mood and style. Length is a key factor.


Short necklaces have chains that are between 14 and 16 inches in length. They will sit close to the base of your neck. There are two main lengths: A 14-inch chain is known as a collar. It will sit right along your throat. A 16-inch chain is known as a choker, which will sit slightly lower on your neck. Both chains, which will be shorter than the necklines of most shirts, are a versatile look, good for styling both casual and formal looks. Collar necklaces are most flattering when worn with an open neckline, like a v-neck, off-the-shoulder, or bateau neck blouse.


18- to 24-inch necklaces fill the middle of the spectrum. These necklaces will sit between your collarbone and your bust. The princess style, at 18 inches, falls just below your collarbone. A matinee chain ranges from 20 to 24 inches. The princess length is delicate and flattering to almost all wearers, and it’s an ideal length for a single pendant. A matinee necklace is the top contender to add some elegance to your office wear, although you can wear it with a casual outfit just as easily


Long necklace styles are between 28 and 42 inches long. These styles will sit on or below your bust. Opera necklaces are 28 to 36 inches in length, and they’re an ideal accessory for a night out. The rope or lariat length can be up to 42 inches! These necklaces are often looped or knotted to achieve their final look, which is often reminiscent of 1920s glamor. Sometimes these necklaces are chains of gold or silver, and another classic look is the elegant strand of pearls. However you wear them, these necklaces are a bold statement. 

How to choose?

As you choose your necklace, keep your physical features in mind. Shorter chains will draw attention to your neck, so if you want to highlight that feature, embrace the collar and choker lengths! Taller people enjoy the luxury of wearing almost any necklace, while a shorter woman may have a harder time styling very long or chunky necklaces. If your face is oval shaped, most necklaces will be suited for you, and if you have a round face, a slightly longer chain may be the most flattering. In the end, of course, choose the styles you feel the best in.

Still curious about what you should try? Think of the necklaces you already wear! There’s a good chance there’s a length that you’re drawn to, and it’s likely a flattering look. Princess and matinee style can be flattering on anyone, and they are a great choice to add some elegance and polish to your look. Experiment and find out what works best for you!

Keep in mind that if you want your necklace to be a focal point of your outfit, you should opt for a more eye-catching style. Collar necklaces and rope length necklaces are the most likely to draw attention on their own, though with colored stones or a heavy chain, any of these lengths could make a statement. 

With a little knowledge about style and length, you’re ready to find your next jewelry staple. Visit your local jewelry store to see the different lengths available to you, and ask a skilled jeweler any questions you may have. For more tips on how to find quality jewelry, check out our post that will help you get started!