Black Diamonds and Other Surprising Engagement Trends

Fashions come and go with the times. From hairstyles to house colors, trends rise and fall, making room for fresh looks and the style du jour.

Like most aspects of life, engagement rings experience these trends. But where old-fashioned clothes can be donated and hair can be restyled, engagement rings are a life-long piece of jewelry. For fashion-conscious shoppers, it can be hard to choose an on-trend ring that will still look good ten, twenty, or forty years down the line.

Take a look below below to see some trends that are perfectly in the moment but have what it takes to stand the test of time.


It will be a long time before diamonds lose their place as the rulers of the gemstone world. Still, other gems are steadily gaining popularity.

Set alone or surrounded by diamonds, colored gems bring a pop of color and an unexpected flair to the engagement ring world. With gemstones available in every color of the rainbow, you can incorporate your favorite color or birthstone into your ring. Pale blues and pinks are subtle yet different, and opting for a different gemstone can give a wider range of options at the same price point.

The boldest take on this trend may be the black diamond—dramatic, usually opaque, and set in stunning rose or yellow gold. Black diamonds look especially dazzling when paired with small white diamonds that keep the overall look light and elegant.


White gold may be the ultimate classic engagement ring look, sparkling clear and enhancing the diamond. Silver and platinum are precious metals that also achieve the cool, shimmery glow. However, a recent trend has been a return to warmer tones through yellow and rose gold. 

Yellow gold is the purest gold for engagement rings. It’s the most hypoallergenic choice for sensitive skin, and it’s backed by a long history of glamour. Gold can enhance warm skin tones, and if you gravitate towards gold jewelry, this may be the perfect choice.

Rose gold rings tap into vintage engagement style, which would often feature intricate scrolls and patterns. Rose gold, which is gold alloyed with copper, is particularly resistant to tarnishing or degrading, and it’s an excellent long-term choice. Simpler ring styles bring a modernity to the metal, while detailed pieces embrace the vintage charm.

Shapes and Cuts

Princess, cushion, and round brilliant cut diamonds take the top three positions on popular diamond shapes. This makes sense--they are stunning and universally flattering. However, a few less popular shapes have been recently gaining a following.

Marquise cut stones are captivating and serve to elongate the finger. Emerald cut gems are a rectangular, art-deco style, and pear-shaped gems look like tear drops. Oval gems are a fresh take on the typical round brilliant diamond, creating a look that is both trendy and traditional.

Often, these longer stones are set upright, pointing out from the band. However, recently they’ve been styled horizontally, in a look that’s known as an east-west setting. This provides an unexpected twist to the ring, while emphasizing the size and sparkle of the diamond.

Making Your Choice

As always, choose the ring that’s right for you. If one or more of these trends catches your eye, consider making it yours. And if you prefer a more traditional style, then embrace it! For a piece of jewelry meant to last a lifetime, you’ll want to choose a look you love.

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