Beyond Engagement: Right Hand Rings for Women

Eye-catching. Glamorous. Elegant and playful at the same time. It’s a ring that makes a statement--but maybe not the one you were expecting.

We’re not talking about engagement rings here. No, today is about their more progressive cousin: the right hand ring.

A trend which has been on the rise in recent years, these bold and often expensive rings adorn a woman’s right hand. Their style and placement distinguishes them from engagement rings, and they have a statement all of their own. Since their beginning in the 1920s, right hand rings are a woman’s way of declaring her financial independence. Since then, they have become a way for a woman to celebrate major accomplishments in her life.

Wearing these rings doesn’t put you at odds with engagement rings. Love and romance should be celebrated. Instead, wearing a right hand ring is a statement that other aspects of life are worthy of celebration, too.


The Right Hand

It’s estimated that between 70 and 95% of humans are right hand dominant. That means that for the majority of people, the right hand does most of the work: writing, cutting fruit, pouring a cup of coffee. Because of this, the right hand often has greater visibility than the left. Right hand rings catch the eye and hold attention more easily than traditional engagement rings.


Early Origins

Flappers in the Prohibition-era 1920s watched the roles of women change before their eyes. As some women donned trousers and spent time in speakeasies, “cocktail rings” were another symbol of independence. To wear these bold and extravagant rings meant that a woman was not dependent on a man to provide for her. 



In 2003, the DeBeers diamond company launched their “raise your right hand” campaign, which encouraged a woman to buy diamonds for herself. Besides DeBeers, many other jewelry companies have taken note, and the prominence of these statement pieces continues to rise.

What occasions are important enough to buy a ring, you may wonder. That line of thought itself doesn’t fit the right hand ring’s ideology. It’s up to you! If you believe it’s worth commemorating, then by all means, buy the ring!

That being said, in the past, these rings can symbolize buying a house, achieving a hard-earned promotion, finishing a graduate degree program, among other things. Additionally, these accomplishments are not reserved for single women. Right hand rings can mark a significant anniversary or the birth of a child. The options go on!


What Do They Look Like?

Some right hand rings bear a resemblance to engagement rings, featuring central diamonds and intricate metalwork. Others break the mold, featuring large and glamorous stones. It’s common for right hand rings to put colored gems on display, sometimes even more than one. Birthstones are a popular choice. Others don’t feature a center stone, whether they are eternity bands, studded with diamonds, or their focus is on artistic metalwork. 

Traditionally, right hand rings are worn on your right ring finger, but it’s not a hard rule. The second most popular spot is the right index finger. And, of course, you’re not limited to just one. It can be trendy to combine or stack rings on the right hand according to your taste and style.

Whether you’re doing it as a fashion statement or a personal declaration of independence, right hand rings open up a world of jewelry decisions and styling choices. 

So don’t be shy! Browse our collections of right hand rings today, and find an authorized Zeghani dealer near you.